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One of the most important aspects of our daily life is the place where we live: OUR HOME.

We tend to consider pollution to be a phenomenon that takes place outside, thinking of smog and pollution of the air and water, without realizing that domestic pollution is between 65 and 200 times greater than that outside: a seemingly safe environment such as our own home can hide serious dangers.

The Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (“National Research Institute”) conducted a study on domestic pollution, resulting in some suggestions to protect personal health when cleaning house.

As a matter of fact the harmful substances with which we come into contact inside the walls of our domestic environment are numerous and can have negative effects on our health and the environment.

Allergies to dust mites is the main cause of seasonal allergy symptoms.

Household dust is an mixture of various substances includine molds, pollen, food residues, vegetable and synthetic debris and skin particles from domestic animals.
The predominant allergenic components are however made up of mites (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides farinae and Euroglyphus maynei).


Mites are tiny animals invisible to the naked eye and measuring about 1/3mm. They flourish in warm, moist environments (20-30° Celsius with more than 55% humidity) and most of their diet consists of by-products of human and animal skin. Just a few milligrams of dandruff can sufficiently nourish thousands of mites for a few weeks (the average person produces 500-1000mg of dandruff per day!). The allergenic substances are contained in the remains of dead mites and especially in their faeces.

These allergens, upon coming in contact with the skin or mucous membrane of allergic individuals, cause an inflammatory reaction, whose symptoms include itching, dermatitis, fever, conjunctivitis and asthma. Mites are considered cosmopolitan organisms, flourishing in any environment provided that the temperature and humidity are compatible with its survival and reproduction. As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization recognizes mites in domestic environments as a global public health problem.

Their presence in the home is practically inevitable; they are found in all rooms, and in particular in the bedroom and in places with upholstered couches, pillows, mats, stuffed animals, quilts, etc. The presence of mites has grown with the introduction of indoor heating as well as sealed door and window frames that reduce air flow and other home environment factors (air conditioners, wall and furniture upholstery, etc.).

Reduction of mite populations in the home environment is therefore considered the most important method for preventing the allergic symptoms caused by them.


Out of doors Mother Nature will take care of it with the rain. Indoors leave it to Ritello.

This product, working simply and effectively, guarantees both purification and ionization of the air from polluting agents, simulating the effects of rain.

RITELLO Recommended by doctors and allergists for preventing respiratory disorders such as dust and mite allergies.

Thanks to its efficient water filtering action, when used as a home cleaning system, Ritello completely eliminates any trace of dirt, unlike classic vacuum cleaners, that leave small, noxiuos particles in the air.
made in italy



This accessory is indispensable to thoroughly cleaning upholstered surfaces (mattresses, mats, carpets), sucking dust, dirt and mites at a depth of up to 38cm.



This accessory set allows you to easily and conveniently wash and dry any surface.





Flexible tube


Wash kit basin

Soffiatore aria

Turbospazzola (optional)


Angolare con setola

Lancia termosifone

Bocchetta tende e divani


Telescopic steel tube

Floor brush

Sacco sottovuoto


Spolverino snodabile





Ritello can be used as a distributor of essential oils , that help reduce respiratory and allergic disorders, as well as bronchitis and catarrhal disorders, in addition to emanating a pleasant scent.

To learn more, go to the aromatherapy page.


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